ARMSTRONG Commercial Resilient Floors

ARMSTRONG Commercial Resilient Floors
Armstrong Flooring commercial installation & maintenance products provide solutions for subfloor preparation, floor cleaning and polishing. Armstrong maintenance products for commercial LVT, sheet vinyl, VCT, slip retardant and all resilient floors includes S-485 Neutral Cleaner, S-480 Polish, and S-495 Sealer in 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes to accommodate large and small square footage. S-392 SDT Polish is specifically for use on static dissipative Armstrong floors. Using Armstrong Strong System Subfloor Prep & supplies, such as S-452 Seal Strong Moisture Mitigation System, S-455 Primer and S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive, will improve installed flooring performance and provide additional warranty from Armstrong when used according to the flooring manufacturer specifications. Refer to your Armstrong Installation Instructions to find the right Strong System products for your commercial LVT & other Resilient floor installations.

Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish - 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Polish
$52.00, 4/$187.20
Armstrong S-495 Commercial Floor Sealer, 1-Gallon
Commercial Floor Sealer
$56.55, 4/$203.40
Armstrong S-495 Commercial Sealer - 5 Gallon
Commercial Floor Sealer
Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)
Commercial | Residential Stripper
$69.80, 4/$251.28
Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal Pail
Regular price:$340.65
Sale price:$270.00 Save 21%
Armstrong S-452 Seal Strong Parts A & B
Moisture Mitigation System
Armstrong S-453 Level Strong 55 lb
Self-Leveling Underlayment
Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive 4 Gal
Regular price:$378.40
Sale price:$300.00 Save 21%
This item is no longer available.
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If you have any questions about application or specific products, be sure to contact 1877FloorGuy by phone or e-mail or go directly to Armstrong Flooring for technical inquiries.