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Armstrong S-202 Static Dissipative Tile Adhesive - 4 Gallon PailZoom
Armstrong S-202 Static Dissipative Tile Adhesive - 4 Gallon Pail
Mfr. Part No:FP00202418
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Product Description

Armstrong S-202 Static Dissipative Tile Adhesive, 4-Gallons, is a water based rubber resin adhesive for installing Armstrong SDT floors. Excellent bond strength. Moisture and alkali resistant. Long working time, up to 6 hours. Open time is until adhesive is dry to touch, approximately 1 hour. Trowel-apply Armstrong S-202 SDT Adhesive. Stir well before use. S202 adhesive is available to buy in two sizes, 4-Gallons or 1-Gallon.
  • Substrates: All grade levels of concrete, suspended wood, ceramic, terazzo, polymeric poured and certain metal subfloors when properly prepared with Armstrong S-194 Patch, Underlayment & Embossing Leveler, and on radiant heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85°F (29°C).
  • Coverage:150 sf per gallon, depending upon temperature and porosity of substrate and site conditions
  • Trowel: See S-202 Product Data Sheet for trowel notch specifications.
  • Working Time: Up to 6-hours, will vary based on site conditions.
  • Open Time: Until dry to touch, 60+ minutes
  • Moisture Limits: 75%RH; 3lbs/1000sf CACL MVER
  • Alkalinity Range: 5-9 PH
  • Clean Up: Use mineral spirits to wet or dry clean tools.
  • VOC Content: Low, less than 50 g/L
  • Safety Data: Armstrong S202 Static Dissipative Tile Adhesive SDS
  • Storage: Store up to 1-year unopened. Do not freeze. NOT freeze-thaw stable.