Armstrong SDT Static Dissipative Tile Polish S-392, 1-Gallon

Armstrong SDT Static Dissipative Tile Polish S-392, 1-GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:S-392
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If you have Armstrong SDT flooring in your commercial or industrial nonexplosive work area, it's recommended that you use this Armstrong Commercial Tile Static Dissipative Tile (SDT) Polish for protection, ease of maintenance, appearance retention and the best electrostatic discharge performance. It's important that you polish SDT flooring only with this specialized product, as using other polishes or sealers could interfere with the electrical properties as well as the appearance of Armstrong's SDT floors.

Armstrong SDT Tile Polish is engineered to help enhance SDT flooring's ability to dissipate static charges away from people and equipment and to increase safety in the workplace. When paired with static dissipative tiles, this Armstrong polish SDT (S-392) will meet and exceed static dissipative performance requirements in the workplace.

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