Armstrong S-464 Prime Strong, 1-Gal

Armstrong S-464 Prime Strong, 1-GalZoom
Mfr. Part No:S-464
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Product Description

Use Armstrong Flooring S-464 Prime Strong, 1 gallon, acrylic dispersion primer on porous substrates to improve adhesive bond and spread rate when installing Armstrong luxury vinyl and other types of resilient floors. Use on cement, concrete or gypsum board substrate. Compatible with all Armstrong Flooring underlayments, patches and resilient flooring adhesives in commercial and residential applications. Dilutes with water for use. Apply with brush or soft bristle push broom.
  • Coverage varies based upon dilution and depending upon absorbency of substrate- 1:1 yields 400-600 sf per gallon; 1:3 yields 1000-1200 sf per gallon. Follow Armstrong flooring dilution ratio based upon type of substrate.
  • Drying time is 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending upon substrate.
  • Substrate must be free of excess moisture and alkalinity and meet ASTM F-3191 guidelines for porosity.
  • Do not install below 50°F surface or air temperature.
  • Safety Data Sheet for S-464
  • S464 Product Information Sheet
  • DO NOT allow to freeze.
  • Replaces S-454.
  • For Professional use only.
Application: Before applying primer, surfaces must be clean and free of dirt and contaminants, test substrate for porosity in accordance with ASTM F-3191 and test for moisture/alkalinity. Shake or stir prior to diluting. Dilute as directed based upon substrate (refer to Armstrong Product Information Sheet). Apply evenly with push broom, or brush. Brush off puddles or excess primer. Allow to dry in a thin film before applying patches or flooring materials. Test for complete cure by sprinkling water on various locations throughout the application area. If the water remains clear after agitating, the primer is dry. Read full Product Information Sheet for dilution ratios and detailed instructions. Contact Armstrong Flooring Technical Support with questions about using S-464 Prime Strong.