Armstrong S-463 Level Strong, 50lb bag

Armstrong S-463 Level Strong, 50lb bagZoom
Mfr. Part No:S-463
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Product Description

Armstrong S-463 Level Strong in a 50 lb bag is a cement based self-leveling compound that mixes with water for use under commercial/residential Armstrong Flooring for the overall leveling of porous and non-porous subfloors on any grade level. S-463 replaces S-453 Level Strong. For concrete subfloors with excess moisture and/or alkali, use Armstrong S-462 Seal Strong then level the surface with S-463 Level Strong or S-464 Patch Strong.
  • Priming with Armstrong Flooring S-465 NP Prime Strong or S-464 Prime Strong will be required based on type of substrate.
  • Coverage is 56 sf per bag at 1/8 inch (high-flow).
  • Prepare substrate in accordance with ASTM F-2873 Standard Practice for Installation of Self-Leveling Underlayment and the Preparation of Surface to Receive Resilient Flooring.
  • All concrete surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, plaster, curing compounds, polish, wax and other foreign matter and must be structurally sound.
  • Follow industry safety procedures for mechanically removing old adhesives from substrate during subfloor preparation.
  • More details about Armstrong Flooring S-463 Level Strong can be found in S-463 Product Data Sheet and S-463 Safety Data Sheet.
  • Always refer to the Armstrong Flooring Guaranteed Installation System Manual, F-5061 which can be found on the Armstrong Flooring website or contact Armstrong Flooring Technical Support.
For application of S-463 over non-porous surfaces- such as terrazzo, burnished concrete, epoxy coating systems, and ceramic tile -the substrate must be clean and free of waxes, sealers, dust, debris and other contaminants that may prevent a good bond for S-463. Contact Armstrong Flooring Tech Services for additional information.

Porous substrates: Prime with Armstrong Flooring S-464 Prime Strong before using S-463 Level Strong.
Non-porous substrates: Prime with S-465 NP Prime Strong before using S-463 Level Strong.
Follow instructions on the appropriate primer data sheet.

General Guidelines:
Armstrong S-463 Level Strong may be applied from 1/16 in up to 1-1/2 in thick on porous substrates. Limit to 1⁄2 in thick on non-porous substrates. For applications up to 1/4 inch thick, add 50 lb (22.7 kg) unit to 6 quarts (5.68 L) of clean cold water, in a clean mixing drum, to form a homogeneous mixture. For applications 1/4 in to 1-1/2 in thick, use 5.75 quarts (5.44 L) of clean, cold water. Mix thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes with a heavy-duty drill (650 rpm or greater) and a mixing paddle. Mixture should be lump-free. If mixture appears to have a yellowish foam while mixing, too much water was added. Do not overwater.

Flow time for prepared mixture is 10 minutes at 70°F (21°C). Pour the mix and spread using a smoothing trowel. Even surfaces are easily achieved using a pin leveler. In higher thicknesses a spike roller may be used. Wear cleated athletic shoes (non-metallic) to reduce displacement of material. Contact to vertical structures should be avoided by putting in an edge strip. Surface is ready for Armstrong flooring in 16 hours when installed up to 3/8 in thick. For thicknesses greater than 3/8 in, wait 24 hours then conduct a mat test for dryness, per ASTM D4263.

Read all data sheet precautions. This is NOT a vapor barrier. Test for suitability prior to full use. Use only with recommended Armstrong designated products. Do not install below 50°F ambient and surface. Store unopened product for up to 1 year in a cool, dry space, out of direct sunlight.