Armstrong S-456 Patch Strong 10 lb

Armstrong S-456 Patch Strong 10 lbZoom
Mfr. Part No:FP00456100
No Longer Available

Product Description

Armstrong S-456 Patch Strong, 10 lb bag, is a high performance patching and smoothing compound with quick dry time for installing Armstrong Commercial LVT, Linoleum, VCT and Rubber floors, as specified. Contributes to additional warranty as part of the Armstrong Strong System. Easy to apply with smooth trowel application over approved subfloor materials. No RH limit for use over concrete. Zero VOCs.

Armstrong S456 recommended uses:
  • Patching, skim coating and overall leveling of concrete on any grade level, ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile and terrazzo (except metal terrazzo strips)
  • Gypsum substrates primed with Armstrong Flooring S-454 Prime Strong porous
  • Covering existing asphaltic cutback adhesive residue over concrete
  • Armstrong Flooring S-452 Seal Strong moisture remediation after application of S-455 Prime Strong Non-Porous.
  • Patching, repairing small voids and skim coating wood underlayments; may be used for overall leveling of approved suspended wood underlayments.
    Not recommended for use on strip wood floors or overall leveling of wood floors.
Coverage: Approx 200sf skim coat; Approx 35 square feet at 1/8 inch
Thickness: Skim coat up to 1"; Up to 1/8-in over wood substrates; Up to 1/4-inch over radiant heated substrates.
Mixing: 10# bag: 2 quarts water -or- 2:1 ratio. Mix for 2-3 minutes. Do not add additional water.

Application Overview:
Flooring substrate must be clean and free of dirt, oil, grease, plaster, curing compounds, polish, wax and other foreign matter. Old asphaltic 'cutback' adhesive residue may either be removed or covered directly with S-456 Patch Strong. Concrete floors must be free of excess moisture and/or alkali. Mix Armstrong Patch Strong according to instructions and pour from the mixing container. Apply using a smooth-edge trowel. Finish flush with the adjacent subfloor. Apply sufficient pressure on the trowel to fill defects and to feather-edge the patch to the subfloor. During troweling, it is helpful to occasionally dip the trowel in clean water to prevent the mix from sticking to the trowel. Apply in single layer to a maximum thickness of 1". Clean tools frequently and before patching compound dries after application is complete.

When using over existing cutback residue, mechanically remove all ridges, puddles and high spots to a point that the adhesive looks like a stain on the surface of the concrete. Using the S-456 Patch Strong mixed with water, apply the patch using a 1/8" x 1/8" x 1/8" square-notched trowel over the cutback adhesive residue. Let dry completely. Using Patch Strong mixture, apply a second coat of patch using a smooth-edge trowel and filling in the recessed areas to provide a smoothly finished substrate and covering the cutback completely to prevent bleeding through to the new flooring. It is the responsibility of the contractor to properly handle cutback adhesives when they contain asbestos.

Armstrong Patch Strong contains Portland cement. Carefully read and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings on product label, Product Data Sheet and on SDS for Armstrong S-456. Only mix S456 Patch Strong with Armstrong approved products as directed. Observe basic rules of concrete work. Armstrong S456 is only sold in a 10 pound bag. Store in a cool, dry space unopened for up to one year.