Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)

Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)Zoom
Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)
Mfr. Part No:HD-AS133G
Brand:Hilway Direct
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Product Description

Floor finish remover & heavy-duty cleaner, Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper safely removes heavy dirt and acrylic floor finishes, including Primo Acrylic-Polyurethane blend, from resilient and hard surface floors. Lift acrylic finishes, adhesive, dirt and grease from sheet vinyl, LVT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, cork, asphalt tile, marble, slate, concrete, quarry tile, terrazzo and other resilient floor types. Gentle formula deep cleans and strips away residue & acrylic based flooring finishes from even sensitive floor types without damaging the flooring material. For sensitive floor types, test solution prior to full use and adjust ratio of concentrated stripper to water to find the right strength for your floor.
  • Coverage will depend upon dilution rate. Estimate 1000 sf per gallon concentrate. For finish removal dilute.
  • Apply with mop and bucket or auto-scrubber
  • Safe for LVT, linoleum, rubber & other resilient floors
  • Removes acrylic finishes, adhesives, dirt and grease
  • No VOCs
  • Safety Data Sheet: Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper SDS
Use Overview:  Download Allsafe Stripper Instructions for Use for complete use directions.
Cleaning After Installation / Heavy-duty Cleaning:
Following flooring manufacturer instructions for wait time before first cleaning. Dilute Stripper with water 1:5 to 1:10. For stubborn residue (e.g., in the commercial sector) use undiluted if required. For low levels of dirt increase the amount of water accordingly. Distribute solution on floor and allow to stand for approx 10 minutes, agitate with a red scrub pad or brush on an auto scrubber. Do not allow solution to dry on floor. Blue or green scrub pad for more aggressive cleaning however these pads are not appropriate for some floor types including LVT, rubber and linoleum. Manual scrubbing is also an option with same type of manual pads or brushes. Pick up dirty solution with wet-dry vacuum or trail mop. Rinse floor thoroughly.

Stripping / Removing Finish:
Apply Allsafe Stripper to floor undiluted or diluted 1:3 with water for commercial applications; 1:5 with water for residential applications. Spray the floor with clear water then apply the stripping solution to the floor. Allow to dwell 10-20 minutes, agitate with red, blue or green pad or scrub brush on an automatic scrubber. For manual application, use a standard mop and scrub pad or brush. Do not allow solution to dry on floor. For sensitive flooring surfaces, dilute 1:5 to 1:10 and apply several times with shorter stand times as required to completely remove floor polish. Sensitive flooring surfaces should be tested in an inconspicuous area prior to full use. Use red pad or white brush only on LVT, rubber and linoleum floors. Pick up dirty solution with wet-dry vacuum or mop and follow with clean water rinse.

For Use On:
Sheet Vinyl, LVT, VCT, Rubber, Linoleum, PVC, Non-PVC, Cork, Asphalt Tile, Marble, Slate, Concrete, Quarry Tile, or Terrazzo flooring. Use to remove acrylic floor finishes including Hilway Direct Plus and Primo. Prior to use always test in a small inconspicuous area to check for compatibility and desired result.

Freeze-thaw stable however recommended storage at 68°F (20°C). Do not store near food. Shelf life is approximately 2 years.