Hilway Direct Primo HP Floor Finish, 1.33 Gallon (5L)

Hilway Direct Primo HP Floor Finish, 1.33 Gallon (5L)Zoom
Mfr. Part No:HD-PRM133
Brand:Hilway Direct
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Product Description

Hilway Direct Primo HP Floor Finish is a high-solids polyurethane-acrylic formula, this finish is much more durable than acrylic but costs considerably less than polyurethane. Non-hazardous, low-VOC floor finish designed specifically for busy, high-traffic areas. It leaves behind an incredibly durable wear- and scuff-resistant surface as well as a low-sheen durable topcoat that performs three to six times longer than a premium acrylic flooring polish. Primo HP delivers performance that is second only to a premium field-applied PU coating. When used with your spray-buff system, this finish will help restore the floor's luster and shine. This is one of the best floor finish options for use on sheet vinyl, LVT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, cork, asphalt tile, marble, slate, concrete, quarry tile or terrazzo floors. Coverage for single coat: 1,500-2,000 square feet per 1.33 gallon container. Proper application requires two (2) coats. Coverage may vary depending on porosity of flooring material.

For Use On: Sheet Vinyl, LVT, VCT, Rubber, Linoleum, PVC, Non-PVC, Cork, Asphalt Tile, Marble, Slate, Concrete, Quarry Tile, or Terrazzo Flooring. Test in a small area to check for good adhesion and desired result prior to full use.

Directions For Use:
  1. Sweep or Vacuum and Clean floor thoroughly prior to application of finish to remove all loose dirt and debris.
  2. If floor is unfinished, clean floor thoroughly with Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner or Allsafe Stripper or use cleaner recommended by floor's manufacturer. After cleaning, rinse floor completely with water to remove all cleaning solution and dirt from floor.
  3. If floor is finished with an acrylic coating, factory or site-applied, finish coating must be removed prior to applying Primo. Unless otherwise specified in flooring manufacturer's instructions, use Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper diluted 1:5 or 1:10 with clean water as directed on finish remover label. Use an auto scrub or low rpm swing machine with a red scrub pad or equivalent.Rinse floor completely to neutralize with clean water after removing old coating. Do not let stripper solution dry on floor.
  4. Shake Hilway Direct Primo vigorously for 30 seconds then let it settle for 5 minutes.
  5. Floor must be completely dry before applying floor finish. Apply undiluted in a thin, even coat using a microfiber applicator mop. Do not use treated dust mops.
  6. When first coat is dry enough to walk on (approx 1 hour), apply second coat crosswise.
  7. Allow floor surface to cure minimum 12 hours before allowing traffic on floor. Some environments will require more drying time depending on ambient conditions including temperature and humidity level.
Recommended Cleaning & Maintenance: Dust mop or sweep then clean with a mop or automatic scrubber using Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner. Responds well to a spray buff program.

Avoid strong sunlight and drafts during application.
Turn off under floor heat before commencing work.
Ensure sufficient ventilation.
Read complete product label and manufacturer instructions prior to application.