Duchateau UV Lacquer-Finished Hardwood Care

Duchateau UV Lacquer-Finished Hardwood Care
UV Lacquer-Finished Hardwood floors by Duchateau have a factory applied polyurethane coating that should be cleaned with a standard spray & wipe hardwood floor cleaning system such as Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Basic Coatings Squeaky Wood Floor Cleaner. These quality hardwood floor cleaning products each work best when sprayed onto the floor and wiped clean with a flat microfiber mop, working in small sections of floor. This type of cleaning process does an excellent job of lifting dirt without allowing too much moisture on the wood. Following preventive care guidelines will prolong the life of your Duchateau UV Lacquer-Finished Hardwood floor- placing felt protective pads on the bottom of chairs, tables and other furniture that moves on the Lacquer finished wood floor, use of door mats at exterior entrances, and daily sweeping or dusting.
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Commercial quality felt chair leg pads reduce scuffs, dents and scratches and stay in place on the furniture for continuous use. Door mats at entry doors from outside capture dirt and moisture that can damage hardwood flooring. Be sure to use entry doormats with non-staining backs such as vinyl. Sweeping or dust mopping the floor daily lifts dirt and crumbs that can scratch up the floor surface underfoot. Vacuuming is another good option on hard floor setting so the beater bar does not rotate.

Floor cleaning frequency will depend upon the amount of traffic that comes across the floor and may be daily, weekly or monthly. Duchateau Lacquered Wood floors at home will typically require less cleaning than the same type of floors in commercial facilities.

More detailed maintenance and preventive care information is ready for download on 187floorguy.com or can be viewed/downloaded at Duchateau.com in Maintenance Instructions section of the website.

Never flood a wood floor with cleaning solution or water. Never steam clean a wood floor. Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products, or other household cleaners that contain lemon oil, tung oil, silicone or ammonia, as they will dull your floor, damage the finish and void the warranty. Do not use treated dust mops.