Duchateu flooring comes in a wide variety of materials from real hardwood floors finished with natural oils or hard UV lacquer to luxury vinyl plank flooring, all in light to dark wood tones. The quality of Duchateau flooring adds character and charm to your home or business facility and should be maintained with the right cleaning and care products so your floor looks its best long term. Easy to follow maintenance instructions are provided by Duchateu for each of their three flooring types - Oil-Finished Hardwood, UV Lacquer-Finished Hardwood, & Luxury Vinyl Tile. Cleaning & care directions can be downloaded from the menu below or directly from the  Duchateau Website - Maintenance Instructions Page  where you can also find Duchateau brand Maintenance Oil and Premium Oiled Floor Cleaner specifications.
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Cleaning and care instructions vary for each type of Duchateau flooring as do the recommended products to use on each floor. Duchateau has their own brand of cleaner/protector and maintenance oil for routine upkeep of their factory finished Oiled Wood Floors. These Duchateau products are only for use on oiled hardwoods. To find cleaning and finishing products for Duchateau UV Laquer Finished Wood  &  Luxury Vinyl floors,  reference the appropriate maintenance instructions for these types of Duchateau floors. Shop 1877floorguy.com for floor care brands and cleaning supplies recommended by the flooring manufacturer to help you choose top quality products for maintaining your Duchateau flooring.

Protecting your Duchateau floors, hardwood or vinyl, with the use of quality furniture floor protectors and routine sweeping or vacuuming is key to extending the life of your floor and comes highly recommended by the flooring brand. Felt chair leg protectors help to prevent floor scuffs and scratches caused by furniture movement. Routinely sweeping the floor or using a vacuum on hard floor setting removes loose dirt and dust build-up that can dull the floor finish if not removed on a regular schedule.

Have questions about floor care for Duchateau flooring or how to select the best chair leg protectors for your home or business faciity? Get help from the experts at 1877FloorGuy via telephone, email or Messenger.