Duchateau Oil-Finished Hardwood Care

Duchateau Oil-Finished Hardwood Care
Duchateau oil finishes enhance the beauty of wood floors with a natural matte finish that brings out depth of color variation inherent to each wood style and provides a lifetime of enjoyment when the floor is properly maintained. With detailed instructions and only two floor care products, Duchateau has simplified the cleaning and maintenance process for their oil-finished hardwood floors. To keep the oil finish resistant to spills, dirt and scuff marks, clean routinely- weekly or bi-weekly- with Duchateau Cleaner & Protectant. This will help to maintain the natural appearance and stain resistant properties of the oil treated wood. Annual care with natural Duchateau Maintenance Oil will more deeply replenish the oil finish for long term floor performance. When cleaning oil treated hardwood flooring, use only cotton cloth/mop or sponge mop and use only cotton cloth/mop or soft applicator brush for oil application.
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Duchateau Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant, 1 Liter (33.8oz)
Oil Cleaner/Protectant
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Duchateau Maintenance Oil - 1 Liter (33.8oz)
Maintenance Oil
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Libman Big Tornado Mop
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Libman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop Bucket
Commercial | Residential Mop Bucket
Follow Duchateau recommendations for chair leg and furniture protectors to avoid dents and scratches in the floor caused by furnishings. Place entry mats with non-staining backs at each exterior entrance, sized appropriately for the amount of foot traffic in the space. Sweep, dust mop or vacuum daily to lift damaging bits of dirt and dust. Frequency of cleaning and oil maintenance will vary between residential and commercial use floors. Contact Duchateau or 1877FloorGuy with questions about maintenance procedures or protective measures for oil finished hardwood flooring. Maintenance documents are available for download on 1877floorguy.com or at Duchateau.com on their care & installation pages. Use only recommended mop and cloth types for oiled wood floor care procedures.