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Duchateau Maintenance Oil - 1 Liter (33.8oz)Zoom
Duchateau Maintenance Oil - 1 Liter (33.8oz)Duchateau Maintenance Oil - 1 Liter (33.8oz)
Duchateau Maintenance Oil - 1 Liter (33.8oz)
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For lasting brilliance and luster of Duchateau factory finished hard wax oiled floors, use all natural Duchateau Maintenance Oil, 1-liter, as directed in the Duchateau Oil Finish Floor Maintenance Document. Duchateau Maintenance Oil, in a 1L (33.8 ounce) container, should be applied periodically to rejuvenate and enrich the surface coat of oil on your floor. This top coat of oil helps to protect the floor from routine wear, spills and floor stains. For white, light and dark color oil-finished wood floors, by Duchateau, use the Maintenance Oil for routine care.
  • Coverage: 400 square feet per 33.8 oz container.
  • Safety Data Sheet - Duchateau Maintenance Oil.
  • Drying Time: 4-6 hours. Optimal hardness after 48 hours.
  • Apply to entire floor annually however more frequent applications may be required in commercial facilities, less may be required in residential homes.
  • Apply maintenance oil to high traffic areas only when needed due to more frequent wear.
  • For use on Duchateau Oil Finish Floors only.
Instructions for Use:
  1. Sweep or vacuum.
  2. Shake well both before and during use of the oil
  3. Apply approximately 3 fl. Oz of oil per 40 sq ft of floor using a short-bristled paint roller, a brush or a pad. If using a polishing machine use a white pad
  4. Working in sections, make sure the oil is worked well into the floor. Buffing until the wood is saturated and the floor has an even, uniform look.
  5. Remove any excess maintenance oil with clean, lint-free cloths before moving to the next section. The floor should not appear wet and failure to remove the excess oil will leave the surface sticky.
  6. If the maintenance oil has been applied by hand, their can be light foot traffic after 24 hrs. If a buffing machine has been used, then light foot traffic can resume after 4-6 hours.
Complete Use Instructions: See the product label.
For a quick overview: Reference the Maintenance Oil - Information Page.
Spot Cleaning: Maintenance Oil can be used to refresh small areas of floor as needed or as a spot or stain remover. If maintenance oil alone is not enough to remove the stain, use a non-abrasive scrub pad with maintenance oil, rubbing in direction with the wood grain. Scrub pad is not recommended for white oiled floors as it may remove the white color.
Storage: Store container tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. In case of an already opened package, a film could appear on the top layer. The film MUST be removed before using the product.
Shelf Life: approx 2 years
Working Temperature: Do not use below 16°F.
Special Note for White Oiled Floors: Annual care for white oiled hardwoods should be done with maintenance oil. White oiled wood floors may require Duchateau White Maintenance Oil every few years to refresh the white appearance. White oil must be applied by a experienced floor finishing professional because improper use may damage the floor.