Carpet/Ceramic Tile Sliders, Set of 4 (2 sizes)

Carpet/Ceramic Tile Sliders, Set of 4 (2 sizes)
Set of 4 round furniture slides for use on carpeted or ceramic tile flooring to move heavy furniture with ease. Non-skid dense foam top side holds furniture item securely in place making it easy to move heavy furniture on carpet or ceramic tile. Available in two and three quarter inch or five inch size. Using these sliders to help with rearranging furniture in a room or when you're moving into a new home, reduces the risk of injury and uses less energy.
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Carpeting is protected from snags and pulls when furniture glides on the smooth bottom of the carpet sliders and ceramic tile is saved from scratches and scuffs.

Keeping carpet sliders permanently under table or chair legs will reduce stress on furniture joints to prevent damage to your home or office furnishings. Use round carpet sliders under any heavy leg-based furniture including coffee tables, bookcases, tv stands, planters, sofas and chairs.

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