Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner, 1-Liter

Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner, 1-LiterZoom
Mfr. Part No:551510A
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Product Description

Use Woca (Intensive) Wood Cleaner as floor prep before oiling or re-soaping an oil treated floor. The 1-liter size Woca Wood Cleaner is ideal for preparing up to 3000 square feet of wood flooring. Woca Wood Cleaner removes all soap and oil and will lift stubborn floor stains on oiled wood floors. If an area of floor is missed during cleaning, it will leave a slick spot so work in a consistent even manner when cleaning with Woca Wood Cleaner. Allow the floor to thoroughly dry before applying oil, maintenance gel or wood soap- 2 to 8 hours dry time. Air circulation, humidity and temperature will effect dry time.

Woca (Intensive) Wood Cleaner will effectively remove old soap residue, grease and dirt to prepare the floor for treatment with wood oil. For indoor use only. Product label will say Wood Cleaner or Intensive Wood Cleaner - this is the same product with different labeling. Woca recommends using a 2-bucket system when cleaning the floor with Woca Wood Cleaner, one for wringing the mop and the other for fresh Wood Cleaner mixture, and a high quality loop-end string mop, such as Woca Swep Mop, which will not fray during use. Do not use microfiber mops.
  • Dilution Rate: 1:20 to 1:40
  • Drying Time: 2-8 hours at +68°F, depending on surface.
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Application Temperature: 59-86°F
  • Coverage: 2,000 - 3,000 square feet per Liter
  • Safety Data: Woca (Intensive) Wood Cleaner SDS
  • Technical Data: Woca (Intensive) Wood Cleaner Technical Data Sheet
  • Application Time: Approx 1,500 square feet per 1 hour. Using 2 or 3 mops on larger floors will speed up the cleaning process.
  • IBR-Certified
Using diluted cleaning solution, dip then wring mop until mop head is damp and mop cleaning solution onto floor. Allow cleaning solution to dwell for 5 minutes before wiping down with clean rinse water. Use a hand-held pad or a machine if needed to clean heavily soiled areas. Dry any excess wood cleaner with a cloth or mop as you go. For heavy soiling, repeat wash as needed. Rinse mop head very well after each time you mop the floor. Work in small sections of floor and continue until entire floor has been cleaned. Change cleaning solution and rinse water as needed when it gets dirty or if there is not enough solution to fully immerse mop head. This is especially important when cleaning dark wood species. As with any floor treatment, test prepared solution on a out of the way spot of floor area to ensure compatibility and that desired results can be achieved. Let the floor surface dry completely before applying oil, maintenance gel or wood soap.

With Merbau, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut and other dark species and White Oak scrub the wood as you would a very dirty vinyl floor, with lots of 'elbow grease'. For the dark wood species, repeat the wood cleaning prep process a second time to ensure that the floating color pigments are cleaned from the wood.
Dilution ratio in ounces and gallons:
2-Gal Warm Water : 6.4-Oz to 12.8-Oz Wood Cleaner
3-Gal Warm Water : 9.6-Oz to 19.2-Oz Wood Cleaner
4-Gal Warm Water : 12.8-Oz to 25.6-Oz Wood Cleaner
general measuring guide:
6.4oz = just over 3/4 Cup
9.6oz = just under 1-1/4 Cups
12.8oz = just over 1-1/2 Cups
Ratio in milliliters and liters:
2.5-L Warm Water : 62.5-Ml to 125-Ml Wood Cleaner
5-L Warm Water : 125-Ml to 250-Ml Wood Cleaner