Woca Swep Mop

Woca Swep MopWoca Swep MopWoca Swep MopWoca Swep Mop
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Product Description

Original Woca Swep Mop with red handle is a light weight, large self-wringing mop with high quality loop-end cotton string mophead for cleaning Woca oil treated floors with Woca Soap diluted in a mop bucket. This durable Woca Swep Mop has two red handles that make it easier than ever to twist for wringing the mop leaving it damp for mopping oil treated hardwood floors.

When mopping oil treated hardwoods, dilute Woca Soap according to label instructions, in a mop bucket. Be sure to wring the mop out well to avoid puddling or excess moisture on the wood floor. First, wet the Swep Mop in the cleaning solution and wring it tightly using the integral red handles. Doing so will minimize water on your wood floors. Mop with the damp cotton string mop. For best results use a second bucket filled with rinse water to rinse the mop after mopping the floor and before returning the mop to the bucket of cleaning solution. This is considered a 2-bucket system, achieved with 2 separate buckets or with one 2-sided clean & rinse bucket. The result of a 2-bucket system is a cleaner floor. Replace dirty rinse water as needed.

The large Woca Swep mop head can be replaced with the Large Woca Swep Mop Replacement Mop Head, by twisting the white plastic end of the mophead until it releases, then slide the mop head down the length of the mop pole and pull it off at the opposite end of the mop. Put the new mop head on in reverse order, turning the white plastic tab until it is tight. Watch this video for a quick demonstration on changing the Woca mop head.