WOCA Oil Refresher/Refreshing Soap

WOCA Oil Refresher/Refreshing Soap
Woca Oil Refresher, Natural or White, combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling to clean Woca oil finished floors while adding a natural matte protective coat of oil to the surface. Woca Oil Refresher is the same as Woca Oil Refreshing Soap. Use Natural Refresher to maintain natural oiled and colour oiled floors and White Refresher for white oiled wood floors. Add shine to the wood floor by dry polishing after Woca Refreshing Soap dries. Woca Natural & White Oil Refreshing Soap is for sale in a 750ml spray bottle ready to use, or in concentrated formula 1-liter and 2.5 liter sizes. Coverage for concentrate is 3,444 -4,306 sq ft when diluted 1:40. The ready to use spray bottle of Refresher will clean and maintain about 1,000 square feet.
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Safety Data: | Woca Oil Refresher SDS
Technical Information: Woca Oil Refresher Concentrate Technical Information | Woca Oil Refreshing Soap Spray Tech Data Sheet

Before applying Woca Oil Refresher Soap to the floor, sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust from the floor. Gently shake the bottle then dilute in warm water at a 1:20 ratio for traditionally oiled floors and 1:40 for UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors.

Use a 2-bucket system -one bucket for diluted cleaning solution and the second bucket for clean rinse water- to mop the floor with a cotton string mop dampened with cleaning solution, in one small section at a time -approx 100 square feet. Rinse the mop head in the clean rinse water and wring tight. Mop up excess cleaning solution but do not rinse floor after cleaning. Rinse mop head again if needed before continuing to clean the next section of flooring. Repeat this process until the entire floor area is cleaned. Change rinse water as needed. Let the floor dry for about 2 hours after cleaning then polish dry with a white pad if you want the floor to have a shine or use a clean cotton cloth under a dry mop head or broom to lightly buff the floor and to maintain a matte finish.