WOCA Oil Refresher

WOCA Oil Refresher
WOCA Oil Refresher, Natural or White, is used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. Use Oil Refresher Natural for natural oiled and colour oiled floors and Oil Refresher White for white oiled wood floors.

Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with reoiling as additional oil is penetrating into the wood of the floor, forming a mat protective layer in the surface.


Sweep the floor to make sure there is no dust or other contaminants on the floor. Shake the container and mix the oil in a container of luke warm water with a ratio of 1:20 for traditionally oiled floors and 1:40 for UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors.

Prepare a bucket of rinse water and use a mop or hard wrung cloth to clean a 10 square meter area. Immediately after dip the cloth into the WOCA oil refresher mixture and wipe it lengthwise on the wood. This makes sure the floor is only exposed to water for a short period of time.

Let the floor dry for about 2 hours and polish with a white pad if you want the floor to have a shine.

Safety Data: Woca Oil Refresher SDS