Woca Swep Mop Head Replacement

Woca Swep Mop Head ReplacementWoca Swep Mop Head Replacement
Mfr. Part No:599815
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Product Description

Large Woca Replacement Mop Head for Swep Mop with the red handles, is a cotton loop end string mop with two woven tape-sewn tail bands that secure the loop ends to prevent tangling. This large mop head is for use on the Original Woca Swep Mop. To make replacing the mop head as easy and quick as possible, watch the video that shows how to replace the Woca mophead.

Changing the mop head on the Original Woca Swep Mop:
Twist the white plastic end of the mophead until it releases, then slide the mop head down the length of the mop pole and pull it off at the opposite end of the mop. Put the new mop head on in reverse order, turning the white plastic tab until it is tight.