WOCA Exterior Cleaner, 2.5 Liter

WOCA Exterior Cleaner, 2.5 LiterZoom
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Product Description

Use Woca Exterior Wood Cleaner, diluted with water, to remove dirt and stains and to prepare outdoor wood surfaces for oiling with Woca Exterior Wood Oil. Use for cleaning and preparing new and old outdoor wood surfaces such as decks, garden furniture, doors and wood siding. In a 2.5 Liter size, Woca Exterior Wood Cleaner will cover 65 to 110 sf per liter depending upon how dirty the wood surface is, that is being cleaned. Can also be used to clean masonry and concrete. Suitable for manual or mechanical cleaning of exterior wood surfaces. Pressure washing not required.

Removes moss
Not harmful to vegetation
Dilution Rate 1:2 - 1:10 depending upon light to heavy duty cleaning required
Coverage is approximately 65-110 sf/L depending upon dilution
Dry time 24-48 hours at 68°F
Shelf Life 3 years
pH Level 10-11
Use in outdoor temperatures 59-77°F with approx 50% humidity

Use Directions:
  1. Prepare wood surface by removing loose foliage, branches and debris then saturate the wood with water using a garden hose or sprayer. Do not use high pressure washer.
  2. Dilute Exterior Wood Cleaner, in accordance with dilution ratios and dependent upon how much dirt needs to be cleaned from wood.
  3. Apply diluted cleaning solution to wood in even coats using a brush or spray.
  4. Let cleaner dwell 5 minutes then scrub in direction with the wood grain using a stiff-bristled brush, until the surface is cleaned.
  5. Rinse wood thoroughly with water to completely remove cleaning solution.
  6. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours before applying oil, painting or impregnating wood.
  7. If a smoother surface is desired, use sandpaper grit 180-240 before oiling.
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