WOCA Exterior Oil Natural, 2.5 Liter

WOCA Exterior Oil Natural, 2.5 LiterZoom
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Product Description

Exterior Natural Wood Oil by Woca provides a hard-wearing surface on new and previously oiled outdoor wood surfaces. Use for initial coating or ongoing maintenance of wooden decks, patio furniture, cladding and other exterior wood surfaces. Woca Exterior Wood Oil, Natural, 2.5L is water based, contains UV protection, resists mildew and is for use on traditional and exotic wood species. Natural Woca Exterior Wood Oil enhances the natural color and graining of hardwood but does not add pigment to old wood surfaces that have lost their pigment. Full cure in 24-48 hours dependent upon ambient temperature and humidity.

UV protection
Mildew Resistant
Primer required for softwoods only
R10 Non-Slip rating
Shelf life 3 years
Coverage is 85-130 sf per Liter
Apply at 50-77°F and NOT in direct sunlight
Light use after 24 hours at 68°F
Full cure 24-48 hours at 68°F
Use on outdoor traditional and exotic hardwoods including pine, larch, teak and mahogany

Application Instructions:
  1. Clean new and old wood surfaces with Woca Exterior Wood Cleaner.
  2. Allow wood to dry for at least 24 hours so moisture content is 17% or less.
  3. Sand rough areas of wood with sandpaper, grit 120.
  4. For non pressure-treated softwood only (except for red cedar), prime wood with the WOCA Exterior Wood Primer.
  5. Stir Exterior Oil thoroughly.
  6. Apply oil in a thin even coat with a brush or oil applicator, treating end grain wood first. Wet oil may appear to have a white tint. After a few minutes, wood will appear oiled.
  7. Within 5 minutes, wipe off excess oil with lint-free cotton cloths. Be sure to wipe excess oil from wood joints and grooves.
  8. If wood does not look nourished with oil, repeat steps.
  9. Allow treated wood to dry for 24-48 hours.
  10. After oiled surfaces are dry, you may polish with polishing pad or polishing machine for an extra hard-wearing oiled wood surface.
Additional Product Information:
  • Woca Exterior Oil Natural Safety Data Sheet
  • Woca Exterior Oil Natural Technical Data Sheet
  • Test oil, prior to full application, on a less-visible area to check for compatibility with the wood surface and desired outcome.
  • Apply oil in dry weather only, minimum temperature 55°F. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Apply Natural Exterior Oil as a final coat on wood that has been treated with black, anthracite or walnut color exterior oil to prevent too much color coming off during use, particularly for furniture.
  • Wood surfaces around swimming pools may require more frequent re-oiling due to pool chemicals.