WOCA Maintenance Gel, Stain Removers, Worktop Oil

WOCA Maintenance Gel, Stain Removers, Worktop Oil
Use Woca Maintenance Gel after Master, Natural or Color Oil has been applied to preserve and refresh the rich oiled surface of the wood floor or other wood surface and to maintain water repellent properties. Maintenance Paste is replaced with Woca Maintenance Gel - sold in Natural and White. Maintenance Gel is intended for periodic use on oiled wood flooring.
For accidental stains on a Woca oil finished floor, use WOCA Stain Remover or Tannin Spot Neutralizer. Choose the right Woca spot cleaner depending upon the type of wood stain. Woca Stain Remover is effective at cleaning stains such as grease, blood, coffee, tea and more. For black spots caused by acid/water reaction, use Tannin Spot Neutralizer to safely dissolve the spot on unfinished, soaped, oiled or waxed hardwood flooring. Always test before full use to ensure desired outcome. Follow with an application of floor oil, Woca Soap, or appropriate wood finishing product on the affected area.
Hardwood work surfaces including kitchen counters and tables can be oil treated with Woca Worktop Oil. Safe for food preparation, water and stain resistant, rich natural appearance.
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WOCA Maintenance Gel WHITE, 200ml (6.76 oz)
Maintenance Gel
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WOCA Tannin Spot Neutralizer, 8.45oz
Spot Stain Remover/Neutralizer