WOCA Worktop Oil - Natural .75L

WOCA Worktop Oil - Natural .75L
Mfr. Part No:527713AA
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Product Description

Provide a dirt and water resistant surface on untreated or previously oil-treated/sanded hardwood surfaces with Woca Worktop Oil Natural, 750ml (.75 Liter). Use on indoor natural wood counter tops and tables to protect the wood surface and provide a rich looking enhanced wood surface. Woca Worktop Oil penetrates into the wood grain highlight the natural beauty of the wood and still keeping it as a useful worksurface, safe for contact with food in kitchens and dining rooms. Worktop Oil air-hardens and is completely cured one week after oil application in recommended ambient conditions. Reference Woca Worktop Oil technical data sheet and Safety Data Sheet for additional details. Coverage is 12-15 square meters (129-161 square feet).

Application Overview:
Test oil in a less noticeable area to ensure compatibility on the surface. Room should be well ventilated during application with room temperature of 60°-68°F (15°-20°C) and approx 50% humidity.
  1. Prepare the wood surface prior to oiling by sanding with 180 grit sandpaper and cleaning with Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner. Wash surface again with clean rinse water and allow it to dry at least 8 hours before oiling.
  2. Apply worktop oil with a paintbrush to evenly distribute oil on worktop. Allow oil to sit approximately 30 minutes, applying additional oil if dry areas appear. Polish with a hand held red or white buffing pad and rub along the direction of the wood grain. Wipe off excess oil with a lint-free cotton cloth until all excess oil is removed.
  3. Wait 1 hour and repeat oiling steps 2 to 3 more times. On the final treatment, sand in wet oil with grit 280-400 wet sandpaper before wiping off excess oil with a lint-free cotton cloth.
  4. Wait 24 hours before using treated worktop. Do not allow the fresh treated surface to come into contact with water during this time. The oil will be fully hardened in 1 week.
To maintain an oil-treated worktop:
Weekly, clean with Woca Soap Natural
Monthly, clean with Woca Oil Refreshing Soap Natural
Annually, use Woca Worktop Oil or Woca Maintenance Gel Natural to replenish oils in the wood. For a more thorough restoration, especially in heavy use areas, repeat the complete preparation and oiling process with Worktop Oil.