WOCA Master Color Oils

WOCA Master Color Oils
Woca Master Color Oils for indoor floors finish and protect wood floors against spills and dirt. Master Color Oils can be applied to freshly sanded new or old wood floors that are unfinished, untreated or lye primed. Use Woca Floor Oils on any wood species including oak, walnut and Brazilian cherry and Pine wood. Use the coverage guide at the bottom of this page to estimate how much master color oil you will need for your wood floor. Master Color Oil Samples are available for each oil color so you can try before you buy a 2.5L container. Use this Color Chart from Woca to see how each master color oil will look applied to red oak. Application requires two coats of oil buffed into the floor with a low speed machine. Woca Master Color Natural is for sale in 1 liter, 2.5 liter and 5 liter sizes. All other Woca Master Colour Oils can be purchased in 2.5 liter containers. Follow Woca Application Instructions for best oiled floor results. Woca Master Color Oil Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded.
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Guide for average coverage rates of Woca Master Color Oil on floors of different wood species:
Oak:  1st Coat = 150 square feet per liter;  2nd Coat = 500 square feet per liter
Walnut (and other hard woods):  1st Coat = 125 square feet per liter;  2nd Coat = 450 square feet per liter
Brazilian Cherry:  1st Coat = 130 square feet per liter;  2nd Coat = 700 square feet per liter
Pine (and other soft woods):  1st Coat = 100 square feet per liter;  2nd Coat = 400 square feet per liter
A new application of Woca Master Color Oil can be followed with Woca Maintenance Gel Natural or White. For routine care of oiled wood floors, use White Woca Soap or Woca Oil Refreshing Soap.