Woca Master Color Oil Walnut, 1-Liter

  • Woca Master Color Oil Walnut, 1-Liter
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Product Description

Use Walnut Woca Master Color Oil, 1-Liter, one of the darker shades of floor oil on any species of wood, untreated or lye treated, indoor wood floors to protect against scuffs, stains and spills. Master Color Oil Sampler can be purchased to test the Walnut Oil color on a sample area before applying to your hardwood floors. Woca Walnut Master Color Oil will require 2 coats of oil to finish the wood to a silky stain repellant surface. Residential or commercial applications. Amount of oil required will vary based on wood species. Wood floors must be finely sanded and cleaned with Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner prior to application of Woca Master Color Oil.
Application Overview:
Prepare floor for Master Color Oil by sanding with 100-120 grit sandpaper and clean wood with Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner. When applying oil, work in small sections and repeat process to complete application. Read complete Woca Master Color Oil Application Instructions prior to starting floor oiling project.
Warning: Oil soaked rags, pads and cloths can cause a fire if not properly stored and disposed of. Soak used oiling materials in water and dispose of in a sealed, water-filled bucket in accordance with local regulations.
  1. Apply oil with a paint tray and roller. Use paint brush as needed for edges and corners. Let the oil sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Polish the area with a low speed floor machine and red 3M pad until area is completely saturated.
  3. Use a polishing cloth under a clean red pad on floor machine to buff off excess oil. Hand wipe edges and corners.
  4. Wait 12 hours then apply second coat of oil using 1oz oil poured onto the floor and polish with white 3M pad on floor machine.
  5. Buff all excess oil from floor with Woca polishing cloth attached to a clean white 3M pad.
  6. Stay off floor for 24 hours then allow light traffic only.
  7. Do not expose the oil treated wood floor to water for 5 days.
  8. Allow a full 5-7 days for complete cure before cleaning floor with Woca Soap or Woca Oil Refreshing Soap.
Application Tips:
Wood floor must be completely dry and free from dirt and grease before the Woca oil application. Recommended moisture maximum 12%.
  • To prevent "bleed back", wipe up oil between floor boards with gaps or bevels before polishing with the white pad.
  • If you must stop the oiling process before job is complete, pick a logical place to stop. Tape off adjoining planks if necessary before oiling and wipe up any oil that may get on bare wood or you will get "shiny" spots when you continue the oiling. Never stop in the middle of a floor as you will get overlap marks with different sheen levels.
  • When polishing the floor with the white pad, check for "spray" on previously oiled areas. Overlap work areas during the polishing process to remove any "spray" residue.
  • Change pads as they become tacky or dirty. You can use both sides.
  • Once you get used to the amount of buffer time that is necessary to do a section, increase or decrease the work area to get a rotation going where you do not have any down time.
  • Application will take 1 person approx 1 hour per 1,000 sq ft per coat.
  • Keep a piece of cardboard handy to rest wet pads and tools on.
  • Place oil soaked materials into a bucket of water or in a metal container with a lid, as they can self-ignite. Proper disposal of pads, rags & other application materials is critical.
  • Do not walk on the wet oil with sneakers (If wearing sneakers, put plastic shopping bags over your shoes).
  • Work with small amounts of oil until you are comfortable with the procedure.
  • Remove the center circle from the buffer pads before use. Keep these to do hand work.
  • Shake the oil well before and during use.
  • Polish the floor until the oil does not continue to spread as you pass the buffer back and forth across the work area. The finished floor should appear silky with an even look with no spray or oil droplets visible. Pour more oil onto the floor as needed and continue polishing. Overlap work areas to ensure an even finish.