WOCA Wood Lye

WOCA Wood Lye
WOCA Wood Lye is used for lye priming of unfinished or newly sanded interior woodwork i.e. wood floors, wood stairs, wood furniture, and wood panels. The priming prevents the wood from yellowing and enhances the wood grain. Each Woca Lye achieves different results. Lye is used a a pre-treatment before applying Woca Master Color Oil or Woca Diamond Oil Active. Choose the appropriate wood lye for your wood floor finishing project based on wood species and the desired appearance. Choose White or Grey Wood Lye, Antique, Softwood or Driftwood Lye. Woca Lye coverage rate is approximately 100 square feet per liter. Safety Data Sheets and Product Information Sheets are available for each type of Woca Wood Lye. Small Lye Samples are available for purchase separately.
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Woca Lye Application Overview

  • Make sure the wood is sanded, clean and dry prior to working with the lye.
  • Shake the bottle and pour the WOCA Wood Lye into a plastic bucket, stirring regularly.
  • Using a nylon brush or roller, spread the lye (undiluted) on the floor with the grain of the wood, in an even coat.
  • Rinse any tools used with water.
  • Once the wood has dried, 8-12 hours, finish the floor with a WOCA floor oil.