Woca Lye - Grey, 2.5 Liter

Woca Lye - Grey, 2.5 LiterZoom
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WOCA Wood Lye, Grey is used for priming of unfinished or newly sanded interior woodwork including wood floors to add a grey tint to the finished floor. Pre-treating with Wood Lye enhances the wood grain creating a grey effect. Grey Wood Lye may be used on all types of wood species. WOCA Wood Lye is non-corrosive.
Woca Wood Lye SDS
Woca Wood Lye Information Sheet

Before applying lye, the wood floor must be sanded, clean and dry. Stir the lye to break up the color pigments and shake well before and during use. Wear latex gloves during the application procedure. Wash skin and eyes with soap and warm water should they come in contact with the wood lye. Apply lye with the grain of the wood and never across the grain. Use at least 1 liter of lye for every 100 sf of flooring.
  1. Pour a small amount of lye into a paint tray or other useable container.
  2. With a nylon brush or roller, apply the wood lye in even layers along the wood grain until the floor has been completely coated.
  3. Clean the work tools with water.
  4. Allow the floor to dry for a minimum of 8 hours at 70 degrees.
The lye treated floor is now ready to be finished with WOCA oil products and does not need to be prepped with WOCA Wood Cleaner before applying oil.