Woca Maintenance Oil

Woca Maintenance Oil
WOCA maintenance oils are ideal for keeping the shine and luster to your oiled wood surfaces. It's not only an amazing product, but simple to apply by hand or by machine. You'll love the way your oiled wood floor looks after a treatment with these WOCA oils.

The oils come in a variety of colors and sizes including: natural, grey, brown, white and extra white. It's designed to work wonder for regular maintenance of your oiled wood floors and should be applied on floor temperatures of 15-35 degrees Celsius or 59 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It's important there is plenty of ventilation during the application of the WOCA oils and drying time.

Application of WOCA Maintenance Oil

You start by cleaning the oiled wood floor with 125 milliliters of wood cleaner mixed into 5 liters of water. Let the floor dry for at least 8 hours.

Shake the maintenance oil container and apply 1 deciliter per 4 square meters using a cloth, roller or other device. If you have a large surface, then feel free to use a machine polisher. Use the oil until the wood is saturated and the surface is uniform.

Wipe the floor area with dry cloths before continuing to the next section of oiled wood flooring. Wipe until the floor no longer appears wet and there is no excess oil left on the floor. It will take the floor about 24 hours to fully harden, so try to keep off it and do not expose it to water within that time.

The flooring oils are for annual or bi-annual maintenance. Frequency will depend upon use -residential or commercial- and the amount of traffic and wear on the floor.