WOCA Maintenance Oil - Recommended Replacements

WOCA Maintenance Oil - Recommended Replacements
Woca Maintenance Oils have been discontinued but don't worry because Woca has made the following recommendations so you can continue to maintain your oiled hardwood flooring. If you were treating your oil finished floor periodically with Woca Maintenance Oil, this product is no longer available from Woca. Recommended replacement Woca products include Maintenance Gel, Maintenance Oil Diamond Active, Diamond Oils, Diamond Active Oils, Master or Color Oil.

Woca Maintenance Gel, in Natural or White is for sale in a 6.76 ounce squeeze bottle and covers 215 - 320 square feet per tube. Ideal for refreshing small areas of oil finished wood flooring. Apply Woca Maintenance Gel periodically, as you would Maintenance Oil, manually or by machine. Initial dry time is 4-6 hours. Complete cure in 2 to 3 days. See Woca maintenance Gel description, Natural or White, for more detailed application information.

Woca Maintenance Oil Diamond Active, Natural or White, 2.5L, is for periodic maintenance of oiled wooden floors to refresh the oiled surface and the scratch, stain and water resistant properties making it an excellent option to replace Woca Maintenance Oil. Woca Maintenance Oil Diamond Active is suitable for manual or machine application. Coverage: 1,000 to 1,325 per container. Dry times: 4 hours machine buffed; 24 hours manually buffed. Completely hardened in 48 hours.

Woca Diamond Oil Active, 2.5 Liter in Natural, White as well as several additional Brown and Grey oil colors. Diamond Oil Active is an extremely hard wearing oil treatment for any hardwood floor species. Diamond Oil Active should be applied to wood floor that is prepared for oiling. Coverage is 530 - 675 square feet per container. Initial dry time is 24 hours with complete cure in 3 to 5 days. Floor machine is required to buff Diamond Active Oil into floor. See Woca Diamond Active Oil page for more details.

Woca Diamond Oils, Natural, White and Extra-White is available in 1-Liter or 2.5-Liter bottle. All other Diamond floor oils. brown and grey tone oils, is in 2.5-Liter bottles only. Woca Diamond Oil coverage is 215 - 270 square feet per liter. Dry time for Woca Diamond Oil is 24 hours before allowing floor use and 3-5 days for full cure. See Woca Diamond Oil instructions for use to learn more.

Woca Master Oil and Colour Oils comes in Natural, White and 9 additional oil colors. Master floor oil, Natural & White are for sale in 1-Liter, 2.5-Liter and 5-Liter sizes. Colour floor oils come in 2.5-liter size. Master Floor Oil coverage is100 - 130 sq ft / liter for initial oil coat. Coverage rate increases for second coat and for re-oiling.

With so many floor oils to choose from, it can get confusing selecting the right Woca products to maintain your oil treated wood floors. Call 1-877-356-6748 for customer support expert advice to help you make the right floor care product selections.