BASIC COATINGS Wood - Laminate Floor Care

BASIC COATINGS Wood - Laminate Floor Care
From Basic Coatings, a company that has specialized in professional floor finishes and cleaning products since the 1950s, you'll find hardwood floor care products designed to thoroughly clean your finished wood and laminate flooring without leaving a dull residue behind. Their Squeaky Floor hardwood and laminate wood floor cleaner is a ready-to-use solution. This is an effective hardwood and wood laminate floor cleaner that leaves a sparkling clean surface that's free of streaks. All you do is spray and wipe. If you're wondering "what is an I.F.T. Solution?" - it stands for Intensive Floor Treatment, and it's an aggressive wood floor cleaner that can take care of tough challenges. It removes shoe marks, body oils, ground-in dirt, spilled drinks and scuffs. Other hardwood floor care products from Basic Coatings include floor polish remover and refinisher, part of their line of commercial wood floor coatings that protect a valuable part of your business investment.
Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher, 1-Quart
$18.30, 6/$98.64
Basic Coatings I.F.T. Aggressive Wood Floor Cleaner, Gallon (ORMD)
Basic Squeaky Floor Care Kit
Basic Squeaky Floor Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 4oz
$7.60, 12/$82.08
Basic Squeaky Floor Cleaner CONCENTRATE, Gallon
$29.30, 4/$105.36
Basic Squeaky Floor Cleaner Spray, 32oz
$10.50, 6/$56.70
Basic Squeaky Ready-to-Use Floor Cleaner Refill, Gallon
$23.70, 4/$85.28
Basic Squeaky Replacement Microfiber Mop Pads, 2-pack
Basic® Coatings Dissolver™ Floor Polish Remover
$43.85 has been a leading provider of top quality floor care and maintenance products since 1999. Our trained professionals are extremely knowledgeable in flooring maintenance and can answer any questions you have about what products are best for your specific needs and how to use them. We're committed to high performance cleaners and fast, professional service. We welcome your feedback!