Basic Squeaky Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 5-Gallon

Basic Squeaky Cleaner CONCENTRATE, 5-GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:B0695-0512
Brand:Basic Coatings
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Product Description

Basic Coatings Squeaky Floor Cleaner Concentrate is a commercial-grade routine cleaner for all wood and laminate flooring, including no-wax hardwood floors and laminate floors and wood sports floors. It may be used in commercial facilities like school gyms, rec centers, restaurants and more. It is called out by name as the second step in the two-part cleaning process for the TyKote Dust-free Refinishing System. This is an economical 5-gallon box, but 1877FloorGuy also offers this product in 4-ounce and 1-gallon options.

Formulated to be super tough on dirt but gentle on floors, Basic Squeaky may be used as an excellent pre-cleaner during the finish and recoating process and works well in your routine hardwood and laminate floor maintenance program. Squeaky floor cleaner offers a deep, intensive clean that removes household waxes, oils and polishes and is great for removing dirt and grease in restaurant settings. It cleans deep without leaving behind any residue.

Directions for Use:

  • Sweep or vacuum the wood floor.
  • Mix one part Squeaky to four parts water.
  • Squeaky can then be transferred into spray bottles for use with microfiber mop, used in a bucket with towels method or with an auto scrubber.

Spray bottle with Microfiber mop: Spray diluted cleaner onto a Basic Microfiber Mop and wipe the surface clean.

Bucket with Towels: For large surfaces, mix cleaner in a bucket using the recommended dilution ratio. Soak several large, clean towels in the solution, making sure they are thoroughly wet. Wring out the towels to remove excess moisture. Wrap a towel around a push broom and track the floor. To prevent redeposit of dirt and oil, refold and rinse towel using clean sides as needed. Pay special attention to corners. Repeat the procedure in each area of the floor until the entire floor has been cleaned.

Automatic Scrubber: Use a dilution rate of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water using a white or red pad. Make sure squeegees and buffing/polishing pads work well. A person with a mop must follow behind the scrubber to pick up any water that is not picked up from the machine. Pay special attention to corners.

Note: Do not pour Squeaky directly on the wood floor. Excess liquid on any hardwood floor may damage the fibers. Do not use this product with any wax-finished floors.

Safety Data: Basic Coatings Squeaky Concentrated Floor Cleaner SDS