Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher, 1-Quart

  • Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher, 1-Quart
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Mfr. Part No:B1830
Brand:Basic Coatings
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Product Description

Breathe new life into worn hardwood floors without the mess of sand and refinish. Hardwood Refinisher is a gloss coating, from the experts at Basic Coatings, to refresh hardwood flooring that has become dull due to normal wear and tear with a one-step application.

All you need is one or two clean microfiber mop pads and the Hardwood Floor Refinisher that comes in a one quart bottle. Each quart will cover approximately 500 square feet of flooring. Following the directions for use on the product label- vacuum or sweep then clean the floor with Squeaky Wood Floor Cleaner to remove all dirt and debris. Then spread Refinisher onto the floor with a clean mop pad in one even coat. Allow to dry at least one hour before walking on the freshly finished floor and don't place furniture on the floor for another 24 hours to ensure a full cure. Enjoy the benefits of a glossy finish on your hardwoods that makes them look like new again.

  • Keep in mind that the gloss level of this finish may not match your existing gloss level so cover an entire room with Refinisher to ensure an even appearance throughout the room.
  • Never use Refinisher on oiled or waxed wood floors. Only for use on urethane-finished floors.
  • Best practice recommendation is to try a new finishing product in a small, inconspicuous area prior to treating the entire floor to test for proper adhesion and to see if the gloss level will achieve desired result.
  • Safety Data Sheet for Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher

Basic Coatings discontinued the Satin Refinisher B1831 and now offers just the Gloss Refinisher B1830 in the 32-Ounce (1quart) size, labeled simply as Hardwood Floor Refinisher.