MERCIER Wood Floor Care

MERCIER Wood Floor Care
Since 1980, Mercier has been a world leader in factory-finished wood flooring designed for generations of high-traffic use. Their floor care products have been specially formulated for Mercier wood flooring. These brand-specific floor care products can be difficult to find, but as their retail partners, carries the full line of Mercier flooring supplies. This includes their complete care system, wood floor cleaner, touch-up finish and touch-up kit. You'll also find cleaner refills, replacement mop covers and the Mercier Maintenance Guide for all Mercier prefinished hardwood floors.
Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner, 24oz Spray
$14.25, 6/$76.95
Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner Refill, 122 oz
Mercier Complete Care System for Wood Floor
Mercier Replacement Mop Cover
$14.50, 3/$39.15
Keep your Mercier flooring in its best shape during regular maintenance with Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner. Available in both a 24-ounce spray bottle and a 122-ounce refill, this essential Mercier wood floor care product is specially formulated to help you keep your floors in great shape with minimal effort. It features a non-abrasive, acid- and oil-free formula that delivers a thorough clean without leaving behind streaky residue, all in a convenient and ready-to-use formula. Mercier specifically calls out this cleaner in their maintenance instructions for routine cleaning as well as treating spilled liquid, sticky and oily stains and rubber or heel marks. As part of a complete Mercier floor maintenance plan, consider picking up this cleaner as part of the Mercier Complete Care System, which comes with the spray cleaner and a microfiber mop with a washable cleaning pad.

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