Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner, 24oz Spray

  • Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner, 24oz Spray
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Product Description

Clean Mercier pre finished hardwood floors with convenient spray cleaner. Specifically for Mercier brand hardwood, Mercier Wood Floor Cleaner, 24oz Spray is designed for easy routine cleaning. Non-abrasive, acid-free and oil-free, Mercier wood floor cleaner will not damage or leave streaky residue on the floor.

Directions For Use:
  1. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dust and abrasive substances from the floor.
  2. Spray a small quantity of cleaner onto the microfiber mop pad and swab a section of floor in the same direction as the floorboards until sprayed cleaner is wiped up. Continue until the entire floor is done.
  • After cleaning, machine or hand wash mop cover and allow it to air dry. Always use a clean mop pad.
  • NEVER use wax, household detergent, or oil-based soap on the floor. These products may discolor and damage the finish and leave a greasy film, making the floor slippery and difficult to maintain.
  • Mixtures of water and vinegar are NOT recommended for cleaning prefinished flooring, since vinegar has an oxidizing effect on the finish.

  • Safety Data Sheet: Mercier Wood Cleaner SDS