Odorcide - Surface & Air Deodorizer

Odorcide - Surface & Air Deodorizer
Eliminate bad odors with Odorcide, a powerful odor neutralizer, available in 5 varieties, to counteract malodors from smelly gym clothes in the laundry, cigarette smoke in the air or pet smells from the floors or upholstered furniture. Use Odorcide alone or with cleaning solutions to add strong odor-removing power to floor cleaning, or other interior cleaning jobs. Concentrated Odorcide can be diluted for use use in a spray bottle, carpet cleaning machine, or in a bucket of water or cleaning solution. Leaves behind a fresh clean scent to replace, not just mask, malodors. Professional quality for home and business use. Safe for use on most interior surfaces. Safety Data Sheet available for download - Concentrated Odorcide SDS and Ready to Use Odorcide SDS.
All varieties of Odorcide, Odorcide Original 210 Formula - Odorcide Fresh Scent - Odorcide Cigarette Smoke - Odorcide Laundry - Odorcide Fire & Flood - come in large and small bottles of concentrate and the original Odorcide 210 is also available in a ready-to-use spray option. Odorcide delivers proven results at eliminating the worst bad odors when the source of the smell is targeted. Intended for both commercial and residential use.
Safety Data Sheets for Odorcide odor neutralizers - Odorcide Concentrate SDS covers all varieties of Odorcide concentrates;  Odorcide Ready to Use SDS for Odorcide ready to use spray or soaker bottle deodorizier.
To disinfect surfaces while removing odors, pair Odorcide with disinfectant cleaner Vital Oxide, a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner.