XL NORTH Commercial Floor Care

XL NORTH Commercial Floor Care
As an industry leader in hard surface resilient flooring maintenance, XL North provides top-quality commercial floor care products including all-purpose cleaners and special care products to maintain sensitive flooring material and enhanced finishes, for extended-wear applications. At 1877FloorGuy, we have all of the XL North commercial flooring finishes, including matte and glossy acrylic floor finish for durable protection, rubber floor finish for sensitive floors and urethane-fortified finish for extended-wear applications.

XL North Resilient Flooring Finishes use pure acrylic polymers and include Intersept® antimicrobial formula for use on a wide variety of resilient floors.
  • XL North Rubber Floor Maintenance Products.
  • XL North APC All Purpose Cleaner.
  • XL NORTH XL25 Gloss Acrylic Floor Finish, 1 Gallon
    $43.70, 4/$157.32
    XL NORTH XL18 Gloss Acrylic Floor Finish, 1 Gallon
    $35.40, 4/$127.44
    XL NORTH XL UF Gloss Urethane-Fortified Acrylic Floor Finish, 1 Gallon
    $52.55, 4/$169.20
    XL NORTH XL Matte Acrylic Floor Finish, 1 Gallon
    $52.00, 4/$187.20
    XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Finish, 1 Gallon
    $40.40, 4/$145.44
    XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon
    $38.20, 4/$137.52
    XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon
    $53.10, 4/$191.16
    XL NORTH XL FS Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon
    XL NORTH XL APC All Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon
    $25.95, 4/$93.44
    XL North rubber floor stripper, finish and cleaning agents that are formulated specifically for pH-sensitive floors like rubber and linoleum are frequently specified by top flooring brands for use on their floors. Each XL North commercial floor care product provides professional results appropriate for most commercial and institutional uses including hospital and school maintenance programs. Recommended for use on many Johnsonite floors and specified in hundreds of facility maintenance bids, you are sure to find the XL North products that you need at 1877FloorGuy.