XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Finish, 1 Gallon

XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Finish, 1 GallonZoom
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Safe for finishing rubber or other resilient floor types, XL Rubber Floor Finish 1-gallon, is a flexible protective coating that is easy to maintain. When a rubber floor finish is desired or required, XL Rubber floor Finish provides a SLIGHT SHINE while protecting your investment with state of the art polymers and Intersept®, an EPA reg anti-microbial. Provides slip, scuff and stain resistance.

Use On: Rubber, and other resilient floors.
Coverage: 1st coat approx 2,000 sf. 2nd and above aprox 2,500-3,000 sf per application.
XL North Rubber Floor Finish SDS
XL North Rubber Floor Finish Tech data

Use Instructions:
  • Sweep the floor first using a dust mop or hard surface vacuum.
  • Prior to application, floor should be completely stripped of mold release or old finish and thoroughly rinsed or cleaned to an acceptable appearance.
  • The floor should be completely dry before applying the first coat and all subsequent coats.
  • Do not use an air mover or fan directly on the floor to dry finish, always use in an indirect manner.
  • Using a microfiber pad or clean mop, apply 3-4 thin, even coats on unsealed floors. On cleaned or scrubbed floors, apply as needed.
  • XL Rubber Floor Finish can be buffed however, follow flooring manufacturer recommendations regarding use of mechanical equipment on surfaces. This is essential for sensitive rubber flooring.
  • Allow 24 hours for curing before any heavy furniture is put on the floor. Do not slide furniture on finished floor.