XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Cleaner-Maintainer, 1 Gallon

XL NORTH XL Rubber Floor Cleaner-Maintainer, 1 GallonZoom
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For routine cleaning and refreshing, use XL North Rubber Floor Cleaner/Maintainer 1-gallon, to clean and condition your rubber or resilient floor in one step. Rubber Cleaner Maintainer adds protective finish while it cleans to improve scuff and scratch resistance to show less wear over time. Use with mop & bucket application or auto scrubber fitted with an appropriate pad or brush. Increase dilution rate for more aggressive cleaning requirements. For routine cleaning, mop floor or clean using autoscrubber. Do not rinse.
For aggressive restorative cleaning, apply liberally to floor. Allow solution to dwell 5-15 minutes. Agitate solution with appropriate pads or brushes and as recommended by flooring manufacturer. Remove slurry with extraction machine or wet vacuum. Rinse the floor thoroughly with fresh water.