Hallmark NuOil White Restoration Oil, 1-Liter

Hallmark NuOil White Restoration Oil, 1-LiterHallmark NuOil White Restoration Oil, 1-Liter
Mfr. Part No:RESTOIL1L-W
Brand:Hallmark Floors
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Product Description

Use NuOil WHITE Restoration Oil (1-Liter) every 2-5 years, or more frequently if needed, on white color Hallmark NuOil finished hardwood floors to restore the factory finish, deep clean a heavily soiled floor or for cleaning tough floor stains.

More frequent use of White Restoration Oil may be required if floor is not properly maintained, wrong cleaning products are used, humidity levels are not maintained, heavy wear, harsh solvents are used, abrasive backed coverings are placed on floor. In low humidity areas the surface of the finish can become more porous, requiring additional coats of Restoration Oil. Incorrect maintenance products, and installing the floor too early (even if covered) requires that the floor receive an additional coat or two of oil. If floor is prone to staining, stains should be removed and one to two coats of Restoration Oil should be applied. Shelf life is up to 2 years when new but greatly reduced once container is opened. Oil will harden in the bottle when stored after opening, often in less than 1 year.

Instructions for Use:
Before applying NuOil Restoration Oil, floor must be swept or vacuumed thoroughly and cleaned with NuOil Natural Cleaner then allowed to completely dry.
Basic Restoration:   Apply oil with cloth or white pad and polish or buff until floor appears saturated and no more drops or smears are visible. Change pads when they become dirty or tacky. Let floor dry for 3 to 8 hours after application.

Heavy Cleaning:   Apply oil generously and work into the wood floor by buffing with a red pad. If red pad does not give desired effect, gradually increase pad abrasion level. Clean off the dirty oil completely. When floor appears to be clean and saturated with oil, apply a new thin layer of oil and buff with a white pad until no more drops or smears appear. Change pads when they become dirty or tacky. Allow 8+ hours of drying time before use, preferably overnight, for a complete cure before allowing traffic on floor and before moving furnishing back onto floor.

Stain Removal:   Oil based agents such as cooking grease or oil that are left on the floor surface can penetrate an oil finish. The good news is these can be removed. Hot boiling oils or fats can be hot enough to scorch the wood. Burn marks cannot be removed using Restoration Oil.
  1. Tape off surrounding boards to avoid lap marks onto adjoining planks. Use Scotch Blue Painters Tape for delicate surfaces.
  2. Pour a very thin bead of Restoration Oil on the stain; very little is required. Allow oil to sit on stain for 2 minutes.
  3. Gently rub with a Scotch Brite Pad in direction of the grain to break up stain and pull it to the surface. May need a second attempt or try a more aggressive pad and or firmer pressure if stain doesn't come up. Start with a Blue Non-Scratch Scotch Brite Pad for light stains, move to a Green Heavy-Duty Scotch Brite Pad for moderate stains, and a Purple Extreme Duty Scotch Brite Pad for stubborn deep-set stains.
  4. Wipe up excess oil and make sure an even coat of oil is on the board.
>Some application procedures with NuOil Restoration Oil should be done by a professional applicator for best outcome.
>Coverage: 400-800 square feet per 1-Liter depending upon porosity of wood, environmental conditions including humidity, and frequency of routine maintenance.
>Safety Data: NuOil Restoration Oil SDS
>Do NOT Freeze.
>Shelf life is up to 2 years but greatly reduced once container is opened.
>CAUTION: Restoration Oil is combustible. Oil saturated cloths and pads and other application materals can self-ignite if not properly stored and disposed. Immediately after use place all rags, pads, and other application materials in a sealed, water-filled container for prompt and proper disposal.
>WHITE Hallmark Restoration Oil is also available in a smalller 200mL bottle, sold separately.