Hallmark NuOil ReNu, 32oz Spray

Hallmark NuOil ReNu, 32oz Spray
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Use Hallmark NuOil ReNu to periodically refresh the natural oils in your Hallmark Oiled Hardwood Floors. ReNu is an oil refresher that fortifies and enhances the finish on Hallmark NuOil® hardwood flooring. Applying NuOil ReNu every 4 months or so, maintains protection against spills and dirt build up on your oil treated wood floor. Hallmark NuOil ReNu, in a 32 ounce spray bottle, is all natural, organic and VOC free. Hallmark changed the name from ReNu Cleaner to ReNu. Product is the same, label is different.
  • Before applying NuOil ReNu to your Hallmark oil treated floor, sweep or vacuum on hard floor setting to lift loose dirt and dust. Then clean the floor with Hallmark NuOil Natural Cleaner.
  • Shake NuOil ReNu well before use to blend the natural ingredients. Spray ReNu directly onto the floor and spread with a 100% cotton terry cloth boot mop cover. Work in sections to prevent sprayed cleaner from drying too quickly before it is wiped into floor.
  • When application of ReNu is complete, allow 60-90 minutes dry time before walking on the treated floor surface and before replacing furniture that may have been moved prior to refreshing floor oil.
Safety Data Sheet: NuOil ReNu SDS

NuOil ReNu should be applied approximately every 4 months. Frequency will depend upon traffic and use of the floor in a residence. For commercial oiled hardwood floor maintenance, reference Hallmark's Commercial Maintenance Instructions.

Hallmark Nu Oil ReNu is also available in a ready to use 1-Gallon Refill bottle.