Hallmark TrueClean, 32oz Spray

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Hardwood, Bamboo & LVT floors by Hallmark are easy to clean with Hallmark TrueClean® Floor Cleaner in a 32-Ounce Spray. Follow guidelines in the Hallmark Maintenance Guide for specific floor care instructions. TrueClean is the only flooring manufacturer approved cleaner for Hallmark Pre-Finished Polyurethane and Aluminum Oxide treated floors, including TrueMark® Polyurethane wood/bamboo, TrueMark® Glaze Tek® wood/bamboo, & Surface Guardian vinyl floors. TrueClean is designed to clean and maintain TrueMark® hardwood flooring. Mop floors with TrueClean spray cleaner and a flat microfiber mop, like the mop in the TrueClean Floor Care Kit (kit includes spray cleaner).

To clean floor, sweep or vacuum (hard floor setting) before mopping. Mop, using a flat microfiber mop, along the grain of the wood. Spray a fine mist of cleaner onto floor then mop. Work in small sections so cleaner is easily mopped before it dries. Spot clean as needed by misting spray cleaner onto a section of flooring or onto a clean cloth, then wipe the area until cleaned. Always wipe up spills when they happen to avoid floor damage.

Retain floor shine, especially in high traffic areas and where minor floor scratches appear, with an application of Hallmark TrueMark® ReFresher. Floor scratch marks can be minimized under furniture by placing heavy-duty felt chair leg floor protectors on chairs and tables.