Kit Unavailable - Buy separate items, TrueClean Spray Cleaner & Bona Mop -or- Floorguy Mop.

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Hallmark TrueClean Floor Care KitHallmark TrueClean Floor Care Kit
Hallmark TrueClean Floor Care Kit
Brand:Hallmark Floors
No Longer Available

Product Description

Hallmark Mop Kits are currently unavailable. Purchase items separately, Hallmark TrueClean 32oz Spray and flat mop- Bona Mop -or- Floorguy Mop.

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Complete floor care kit for cleaning Hallmark Hardwood, Bamboo & LVT floors including TrueMark® Polyurethane wood/bamboo, TrueMark® Glaze Tek® wood/bamboo, & Surface Guardian vinyl floors. TrueClean® Floor Maintenance Kit includes a mop assembly, 2 mop pads, and a 32oz spray bottle of TrueClean floor cleaner. This set of maintenance supplies provides everything you need to start cleaning a pre-finished polyurethane or aluminum oxide coated floor from Hallmark. Hallmark TrueClean provides a streak-free clean on Hallmark wood, bamboo and vinyl floors. Mop pads are machine washable without fabric softener.

Mop Assembly: Twist mop pole into the mop base to fit the two pieces together then twist each of the three blue plastic rings on the mop pole to loosen and extend the mop handle. Twist the blue rings back in the opposite direction to tighten. Adjust to your preferred length. Mop pads attach to the velcro strips on the mop base. Use one mop pad for dusting the floor and the other for cleaning.