Hallmark Refresh, 1-Liter

Hallmark Refresh, 1-LiterZoom
Brand:Hallmark Floors
No Longer Available

Product Description

Use Hallmark Refresh, 1-liter, on resilient floors coated with Hallmark ABC. Refresh contains lacquer particles that add protection & shine to your Hallmark Surface Guardian Luxury Vinyl floors. Use Hallmark Refresh undiluted. From a spray bottle, spray the floor, working in sections and spread the sprayed Refresh evenly in a thin layer on the floor, overlapping applicator mop strokes to ensure all areas are covered with the lacquer polish refresher. Use a clean damp mop or a lint-free cloth to apply Refresh polish. Allow floor to dry completely after application, approximately 1 hour.

Coat high traffic areas every fifth cleaning to maintain shine and scratch resistance. Apply to entire floor as needed to rejuvenate luster. Before applying Hallmark Refresh, sweep or vacuum floor and clean the floor with Hallmark TrueClean and a microfiber mop.

Hallmark LVT floors should be cleaned routinely with Hallmark TrueClean.

Do not apply to floors that have been treated with wax or other polish.