Hallmark TouchUp Kit #72 - Rustler, Chaps, Sage Brush, Saddle

Hallmark TouchUp Kit #72 - Rustler, Chaps, Sage Brush, SaddleZoom
Hallmark TouchUp Kit #72 - Rustler, Chaps, Sage Brush, SaddleHallmark TouchUp Kit #72 - Rustler, Chaps, Sage Brush, Saddle
Mfr. Part No:M825-200016

Product Description

Chaparral Collection- Sage Brush, Chaps, Rustler, and Saddle wood floor touch-up Repair Kit #72 for Hallmark Hardwood floors is made by Mohawk specifically for fixing superficial scratches and scuff marks on these four Hallmark Chaparral hardwood floors. This repair kit is ideal for fixing minor floor scratches and wear. Touch-up kit #72 is assembled to coordinate with Chaps Maple, Rustler Maple, Sagebrush Hickory, & Saddle Walnut low-luster Truemark® Poly finished floors, all from the Hallmark Chaparral Collection. Instructions are included on a separate paper in the kit and directions are noted on each of the three marking tools included in the kit. The marking tools in the kit can be used together or separately depending upon the needed for repair. It is best to practice on extra flooring material or in an inconspicuous area. Instructions included with kit can also be downloaded here, Hallmark Touch-Up Repair Kit Directions.
  • Each touch up repair kit includes a Fil-Stik, Pro-Mark Marker, Ultra Bond Waterborne Clear Finish Marker Matte and a small white synthetic pad. The larger grey pad is packing material and not intended for use as part of the kit.
  • Pro-Mark Marker Use: For visible scratch use the marker to replace color in a scratch line. For a scuffed or worn area apply marker in direction with the wood grain. With either application, wipe off excess colorant promptly with a soft cloth. Marker color may vary from marker shown in photo of kit contents.
  • Fil-Stick Use: The fill stick should be used to fill into the void of a deeper scratch while adding color. Use the included white pad to level off excess fil-stik so it it flush with the floor. Apply Clear top coat over Fil-Stik application, using the Ultra Bond Clear Finish Marker to protect the repair. Two or three coats of clear finish are recommended with a wait time of 5-10 minutes between coats. Protect the area, where clear finish has been applied, from foot traffic for 8 hours or overnight to ensure it dries completely. Fil-Stik color may vary from what is shown in photo of kit contents.
  • Ultra Bond Waterborne Clear Finish Marker Preparation: Shake well. Press tip of marker onto scrap material or cardboard while gently squeezing the marker to start the flow of finish. Applicator works best when slightly damp. Test application before use on repaired floor scratch.