INDELVAL Rubber Floor Care

INDELVAL Rubber Floor Care
Diversey brand Signature Floor Finish and Stride Neutral Cleaner are among the floor cleaning and care products recommended by Indelval Rubber Flooring. By following Indelval Rubber floor care directions, straight from the flooring manufacturer, your Indelval rubber flooring will maintain its strength and vibrance long term, even in heavy use environments such as healthcare clinics and retail stores. Indelval Rubber Flooring is easy to maintain in commercial and industrial spaces however there are some products that could damage rubber flooring so selecting the right care products and equipment is important. In addition to following initial and routine cleaning instructions provided by Indelval, the flooring manufacturer also advises the use of doormats in the entrance area of buildings to significantly reduce the frequency of required maintenance.
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Diversey SIGNATURE UHS Floor Finish, 5 Gallon
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As with most resilient floors, Indelval rubber floors should be swept or vacuumed (no beater bar) frequently to lift dirt and dust off the floor. Protect a new installed floor while other trades are still working in a new construction space. Place felt furniture pads on the feet of chairs, tables or other equipment that moves on a new Indelval rubber floor to reduce scratches and scuffs.

When questions arise about how to best maintain Indelval Rubber Floors in health clubs, schools or assisted living spaces, reference the Indelval website or reach out to the flooring experts at 1877FloorGuy via email or telephone, 1-877-356-6748, for reliable floor care information.