Restore your U.S. Rubber Survivor Sportfloor and other U.S. Rubber flooring systems to their absolute best state with these tough cleaners designed specifically for U.S. Rubber floors. U.S. Rubber Survivor Sportfloor is an extremely durable and high-value commercial flooring option for gyms, fitness studios, locker rooms, ice rinks, basements and more. Its hygienic, easy-to-maintain properties make it long-lasting, eco-friendly and mold- and mildew-resistant.
Diversey WIWAX Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion, 1-Gallon
Commercial Cleaner/Maintainer
$61.80, 4/$222.12
Hilway Direct AllSafe Stripper, 1.33 Gallon (5L)
Commercial | Residential Stripper
$69.80, 4/$251.28
Diversey CAREFREE Floor Finish/Sealer, 5 Gallon
Commercial Finish/Sealer
Your U.S. Rubber Survivor Sportfloor maintenance system should implement commercial, hygienic floor cleaners by brands like Hillyard or Diversey to ensure that the surface remains durable, mold- and mildew-resistant and good-looking for years to come. US Sport Floor at one time called out specifically Diversey Profi, which is an oil and grease emulsifying neutral detergent, to clean Survivor Sportfloors. Diversey finishes have also been recommended to add extra luster and durability to your U.S. Rubber floors.

With new maintenance information now available on U.S. Rubber�s website, the Survivor Sportfloor specifies Hillyard Super Shine-All Neutral Cleaner for routine cleaning that is safe and effective on the high quality Survivor brand rubber flooring material.