Mannington Hardwood Floor Care

Mannington Hardwood Floor Care
Mannington Hardwood floors are a natural wood product, factory finished and engineered for superior performance. To best retain the beauty and performance of your Mannington Hardwood floor, protect it with recommended protectors on furniture items, sweep regularly and clean with Mannington Ultra Clean spray cleaner and a flat mop.   Additional Mannington Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance information can be found at Care.   Mannington recommends sweeping or vacuuming wood floors regularly, since built-up grit can damage the finish and surface of hardwood flooring. When using a vacuum, the vacuum head must be a brush or felt type with clean, smooth wheels that will not damage the floor.
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To protect your wood floors from damaging scratch marks caused by furniture, apply heavy duty felt furniture pads to the base of tables, chairs and other furniture or equipment. This will help to minimize scratches and dents on the floor. Place walk off mats at entrance doors to your home to keep excess moisture and debris off your wood floors. When moving heavy objects and furnishings, including appliances, use a dolly and cover the floor with protective sheets of plywood or use furniture moving slides with felt bottoms that easily glide across hardwood floors.

Mopping your Mannington Hardwood floor is a simple process. Use trusted Mannington Ultra Clean floor cleaning spray with a flat mop assembly fitted with a microfiber or cotton mop pad. Spray and wipe in small sections until the floor is cleaned. Use Mannington Ultra Clean with a clean cloth to spot clean the floor as needed for small spills and messes. NEVER wet mop or flood your Mannington Hardwood floor. DO NOT use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products or other household cleaners that contain lemon oil, tung oil or ammonia.

  • Wood flooring is a natural product that requires a comfort zone of 35% to 55% relative humidity, and between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit. To ensure the long life of your wood floor, the HVAC system should remain active at all times.
  • Shoes with spiked or damaged heels will indent and scratch wood flooring so it is best to remove these sort of shoes before walking on the floor.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed and paws clean and free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil and stains.
  • NEVER use a vacuum with a beater bar head.

For stuck-on candle wax and chewing gum or limited area burns from cigarettes or similar, go to and Maintenance. If you need to match the spot of wood flooring that was burned, after it is repaired, to the rest of your Mannington wood floor, a Mannington Wood Touch-Up Kit, available from, is custom assembled by Mannington to correspond with your specific floor pattern and color and is good for minor wood touch up fixes.

Mannington True Bamboo™ floors are oil-finished wood floors and are maintained differently than all other Mannington hardwood flooring. For True Bamboo™ ONLY, use Woca Wood Soap Spray with a terry cotton mop pad for everyday maintenance and with a clean cotton cloth for spot cleaning.