DR SCHUTZ X-tra Fill Wood Filler

DR SCHUTZ X-tra Fill Wood Filler
Experts in floor care and renovation products since 1955, Dr. Schutz manufactures high-quality cleaning and care formulas for various kinds of flooring. Here you'll find their X-tra Fill wood floor filler in different sizes to suit your specific job. Dr. Schutz X-tra Fill (pronounced as Dr. Schutz "Extra Fill") fills in gaps and cracks in a hardwood floor during sanding and refinishing. This hardwood floor wood filler blends with the wood floor's natural sawdust to create a smooth filler that fixes scratches and dents to form a smooth surface before applying stain and the finishing coat. The extra fill water-based formula will readily accept wood stain the same as the rest of the wood flooring surface.
This hardwood floor filler is our most popular Dr. Schutz product. This product is not intended to fix scratches on a finished floor, but is instead designed to provide a relatively simple DIY solution for filling cracks and joints on hardwood floors. Written instructions are included. To learn how to use wood filler for hardwood flooring, make sure to watch the videos on the X-tra Fill Wood Filler product pages to see how to use and apply this wood floor filler. The process is relatively simple: you will need to make sure that your floor is completely sanded and free of dust before use. You can then mix sanding dust with X-tra Fill in a clean bucket and then use a flexible wood spatula to apply the sawdust and X-tra Fill solution to your wood floor's cracks.

1877FloorGuy offers a variety of options to meet your needs, including a 1-liter and 5-liter container of X-tra Fill. We also provide the Dr. Schutz Flexible Spatula, which makes applying the X-tra Fill Wood Filler mixture to your wood flooring even easier.

If you have any questions about Dr. Schutz's wood filler for floors, give a call (1-877-356-6748) or send us an e-mail. All telephone calls and emails are answered by knowledgeable employees who are well educated in flooring maintenance supplies and techniques. You may even hear from the owners themselves. We enjoy hearing from our customers so we can know what we're doing right and where we can do better. Please give us your feedback!