Dr Schutz Universal Stain Remover (USR), 200ml

Dr Schutz Universal Stain Remover (USR), 200mlZoom
Brand:Dr Schutz
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Product Description

A powerful floor stain remover that cleans stubborn rubber marks, floor stains, shoe and scuff marks, adhesive and even permanent marker. Dr. Schutz Universal Stain Remover comes in a small 200ml spray bottle, sized right for easy use with one hand. The USR in the pump sprayer bottle should be used sparingly at first and wiped up quickly with a damp rag or water. Very little USR - Universal Stain Remover - can go a long way in lifting stubborn dirt, glue and stains from spills.

Use Dr Schutz USR on most types of flooring, including urethane coated hardwood, finished cork, vinyl, linoleum, LVT, laminate and carpeting. It's always a good idea to test a strong cleaning formula like USR in an unnoticeable area, such as in a closet or on a piece of scrap floor material.

Directions For Use:
Spray USR onto an absorbent cloth and use this to remove stain. Do NOT spray USR directly onto floor. Apply very little Dr Schutz USR to cloth and wipe right away with clean water or a water dampened cloth, depending on the type of floor. Short to no stand time is required for USR to be effective on most stain removal.

Applying excess Dr Schutz USR to a floor or carpet may remove or mar the finish so apply only a small amount of USR with each application and repeat if necessary.
Safety Data Sheet: Dr Schutz USR SDS
Technical Data Sheet: Dr Schutz USR Tech Data Sheet