FootClick2 Chair Glide for Hard floors, 31mm (1.25in) - 4pk

  • FootClick2 Chair Glide for Hard floors, 31mm (1.25in) - 4pk
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Mfr. Part No:8210255000
Brand:Dr Schutz

Product Description

Extremely durable, set of 4, floor protectors for wood chair legs. Scratchnomore FootClick-2, 31mm (1.25 inch) diameter, are highly durable floor protecting chair glide made with carpet instead of felt to protect hard surface flooring from scuffs and scratch marks. The disc base of the Footclick 2 pad permanently attaches to the chair leg and a removable housing clicks into the base disc for ease of replacement. THIS IS A 4-PACK to outfit one chair.

The base disc of the Footclick pad screws into the bottom of the chair leg. The carpet padded soft furniture floor protector clicks into place, gripping the base disc for a secure fit. The carpet padded housing can be removed with a flat head screw driver when replacement is necessary. Each FootClick2 chair glide is 31-millimeters in diameter, which is equivalent to just less than 1.25 inch.

Use these heavy duty FootClick furniture glide, from the Scratchnomore brand by Dr Schutz, for institutional or commercial facilities where furniture gets an intense workout that creates scuffs and scratches on the floor or use it at home for excellent floor protection.

Get replacement pads for the 31mm (1.25in) FootClick2 and see how to remove and replace the padded housing in the photos.
Two other sizes are available, 25mm (< 1 inches) and 44mm (< 1.75 inches).