HILWAY DIRECT Hard Surface Floor Care

HILWAY DIRECT Hard Surface Floor Care
Hilway Direct, makers of high-quality resilient and hard surface floor care products, has been embraced by the flooring industry and is specified by a wide range of flooring brands for use on their commercial and residential LVT, sheet vinyl and other hard surface flooring products. These flooring brands include CBC-Toli, Capri Cork, US Floors Coretec, Tajima, Advanta for their Envee floors, Adore, and Alette.

All 1 Liter units ship free via USPS and UPS Ground.
32 oz. Spray Bottle
$5.75, 3/$15.53
Hilway Direct is a subsidiary of Floor Covering Services & Consultants, owners of 1877FloorGuy, which gives you, our customer, direct access to this premium line of floor care products along with answers to your questions right from the source. You won't find anyone with more information about use and product availability than the helpful, well-informed staff at 1877FloorGuy. When you call us, you can even talk to the company owner who is sure to have answers to even the most difficult floor care questions.

Hilway Direct floor cleaners, finishes and polish removers are packaged in 1 Liter and 5 Liter containers so homeowners and facility floor cleaning customers alike can buy these performance floor care products in sizes appropriate to the flooring area each needs to maintain. This premium product line provides a range of flooring finishes to meet low-gloss to high-gloss flooring finish requirements as well as a cleaner-maintainer, Hilway Direct Plus, that cleans and finishes the floor in one easy step with an auto-scrub system or manual application.

The resilient floor care products from Hilway Direct are safe and gentle on many types of floors including vinyl, linoleum, cork and rubber and they are directly specified for use on most hard surface floors from Adore, Alette , Advanta (for their Envee floors), Capri Cork, US Floors Coretec, Tajima and CBC Brand Floors including Toli, Ceres, Halo, Takiron and Salto.

1877FloorGuy and Hilway Direct give the advice to use felt pad protectors on moveable furniture items and to take care and use moving slides when moving heavy equipment or furniture across the floor.