Hilway Direct Adhesive Molding Tape, 25 foot roll

Hilway Direct Adhesive Molding Tape, 25 foot roll
Mfr. Part No:HD-MTAPE
Brand:Hilway Direct
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Product Description

Strong, 1-inch wide double-faced tape holds molding trims firmly in place with permanent adhesive and can be used for so many projects. One-inch width fits most moldings without needing to trim. Twenty-five foot length is long enough for many in-home projects. Just cut to length and adhere. Roll fits easily in a typical toolbox as a go-to item for quick repairs. Hilway Direct Adhesive Molding Tape, 1 inch wide x 25 feet long.

The length of this roll of adhesive molding tape is typically a good length to complete a molding trim job from start to finish without lots of leftover tape to keep up with. As a 'tool' that every flooring installer should have in his toolbox, this adhesive roll will fit! Most other brands come in longer rolls that are bulky to store and cumbersome to use.

Intended for use to adhere wood or laminate flooring transitions and starter rows of plank installations, this tape also works well to adhere wall trim and baseboards. You can even use it for crafts that require strong adhesion. The uses for this molding adhesive tape are endless!

At this low price it's worth giving Hilway Direct Adhesive Molding Tape a try!
Immediate Adhesion. Permanent Bond. VOC Free. No toxic odors.

Directions For Use:
  1. Environment should be free of dust and debris as well as moisture.
  2. Cut molding to desired length and dry fit into installation area.
  3. Apply Hilway Direct molding tape to the underside of the molding, cutting the tape to fit the molding length.
  4. Apply firm and smooth pressure along the tape liner to ensure bond to the molding.
  5. Remove protective liner.
  6. Place molding in designated place.
  7. Firmly apply pressure to set molding in place.
Coverage: maximum 25 lineal feet depending on width of materials being bonded.