Hilway Direct PLUS MATTE Cleaner-Maintainer, 1.33 Gallon (5L)

  • Hilway Direct PLUS MATTE Cleaner-Maintainer, 1.33 Gallon (5L)
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Mfr. Part No:HD-PLM133
Brand:Hilway Direct
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Product Description

Add a protective layer to your vinyl and other hard surface floors with Hilway Direct Plus Matte in a 1.33 gallon container. The low-glare finish highlights the appearance of natural wood or stone look flooring and reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches. All in one PLUS MATTE is intended for use as a protective finish alone and as a cleaner maintainer to increase time between strip and refinish cycles. During the cleaning process, a bit of floor finish is left behind to protect and refresh. Hilway Direct Plus Matte is used diluted to clean the floor, with a mop & bucket or autoscrub maintenance program and full strength when applied as a finish alone.

Hilway Direct Plus Matte Finish-Cleaner/Maintainer and Hilway Direct Matte Floor Finish both deliver the truest matte sheen available in North America.

Use PLUS MATTE on resilient and hard surface flooring including LVT, VCT, sheet vinyl, non-PVC floors, linoleum, rubber, cork, asphalt tile, marble, slate, concrete, quarry tile and terrazzo.
To Apply Initial floor finish:
Sweep and damp mop to completely remove dust, dirt and debris. Clean floor thoroughly with Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner or Allsafe Stripper or use cleaning product recommended by flooring manufacturer. If a factory or site-applied acrylic coating is present on flooring material, remove it following flooring manufacturer's directions or use Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper diluted 1:5 or 1:10 with clean water to remove the existing finish. Dilute stripper as directed and use an auto scrubber or low rpm swing machine with a red scrub pad or equivalent for the finish removal process. Thoroughly rinse floor with clean water after cleaning or after removing floor finish to neutralize. Do not let stripper solution dry on floor.

Shake the finish & cleaner/maintainer product vigorously for 30 seconds then let it settle for 5 minutes. Apply undiluted in a thin, even coat using a microfiber applicator mop. (Do not use treated dust mop.) Apply 2-3 coats. Allow each coat to air dry completely (generally 30- 60 minutes) before applying next coat.

Allow floor surface to cure overnight before permitting heavy traffic use. Dry time will vary depending upon ambient temperature and humidity.

To Clean/Maintain:
First sweep floor to remove loose dirt.

Dilute 1-oz of finish &cleaner/maintainer product per 1 gallon warm water. Completely mop floor with cleaning solution in a 2-bucket mopping system or an auto scrub floor machine. Pick up soil and excess solution with a clean, tightly wrung out mop or trail mop excess wet areas behind scrubber. DO NOT RINSE.

Allow floor to air dry completely.

Do not use in a spray-buff program. For spray buff flooring maintenance, the best option may be Hilway Direct Plus or Plus GLOSS.